Special Education Mission Statement

All students will develop skills in numeracy, literacy and self, peer and community advocacy. We believe our students can master critical thinking concepts, develop academic autonomy and feel empowered to succeed with their varied learning styles. Students will be able to understand and communicate their IEPs (Individualized Education Programs) and be able to see their learning assets as well as difficulties.

FAQs - Special Education

How many kids in the school have IEPs?

44 students in the school receive Special Education services. This amounts to 15% of our student body. Most students qualify under the categories Specific Learning Disability, Other Health Impairment, or Speech Language Impairment.

What kinds of services do you provide?

We provide a class, Academic Literacy, that works on basic and study skills. This class is offered in the 9th grade and in 2015/2016 in the 12th grade as well. 10th and 11th graders can take the class if necessary, but are generally fulfilling other graduation requirements. Paraprofessional support is available in all academic classes and two resource specialists are available in order to provide specialized academic instruction. All general education teachers meet regularly with the Resource Specialists in order to ensure that every child’s needs are met.

What is the culture of Special Education in your school?

Most students in the school want to come in the resource room, even if they do not have an IEP. There is no stigma surrounding accessing services. Many students with IEPs go on to take Advanced Placement courses when they are upper classmen. At Leadership High School we believe in all students’ capacity for high level critical thinking skills.

How do IEPs impact the college admissions process?

Student with IEPs typically receive extra time with the SAT. The special education team is developing relationships with learning centers at universities and colleges throughout California and is able to guide students through the process of receiving accommodations in college.

Questions About Our Special Education Services?

If you have further questions, please email Celina Curato at ccurato@leadershiphigh.org.