• The relationships we build with the students at LHS allow us to dive deeper into curriculum than we would at another school.

    Ms. Calahane English 12 and AP English Literature Teacher
  • At LHS, we create relationships with each other and work together to create a stronger space for our students.

    Angelina English 10 Teacher
  • LHS really tries to focus on what matters in serving students. We work together as a team to push each other to give our kids the best education possible and meet their needs.

    Ms. Nowak Geometry Teacher
  • The advisory model at LHS is really special and impacts student outcomes. A lot of schools have advisory, but not the four-year model of advisory that we have.

    Mr. Chin Chemistry Teacher
  • I appreciate that the administration gives me autonomy in my approach to curriculum.

    Mr. Fajardo Spanish Teacher

Leadership does not have any openings at this time, however, you are welcome to submit your résumé below.

Leadership’s small scale creates ideal conditions
for teaching and learning.

When you teach at LHS, you will:

  • Have an opportunity to focus on relationships, and to be part of a tight knit community (320 students, faculty + staff of 35).
  • Be able and expected to challenge, support, and differentiate curriculum for your students (class size average of 22).
  • Have the opportunity to develop culturally relevant (standards-aligned) curriculum.

Leadership is a committed community of learners.

Teachers at LHS:

  • Meet 2 hours every week to learn about what is most relevant for us and for our students. 
  • Attend workshops and conferences, funded by LHS, to improve our practice. 
  • Have monthly time allotted for subject area collaboration as well as across discipline by grade level.

Current Job Postings:

In the 2022-2023 school year, Leadership High School will be merging with City Arts and Technology High School, an Envision School. Please see their site for openings within the organization.

Corinne Benson
Director of Administration

Work at Leadership High School

Leadership High School is committed to hiring and retaining highly qualified candidates that fit the needs of our diverse students and our unique program. We seek to build a staff that represents our student body, which is primarily Latinx, African American, Pacific Islander, and Filipinx.

Only highly qualified teacher candidates are eligible; all teachers in core academic areas are certified to teach in that content area or working toward certification through a District-endorsed intern program.  To support employees to be successful, LHS offers weekly professional development, regular coaching for all teachers, and annual opportunities to go to conferences and other venues that offer growth for educators. New faculty members take part in an all-day orientation, have coaching meetings between four and eight times each year, and are observed at least quarterly.

If Leadership’s mission resonates with you and you are interested in joining our faculty or staff, please download and read the job description below and email your résumé and a letter of interest to:

Corinne Benson
Director of Administration